WEP Key Generator

WEP Key Generator allows you to convert a passphrase into WEP keys used by many wireless routers. It generates 40 / 64 / 104 / 128 bit WEP keys for use with many popular routers, including Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, Apple, DD-WRT, Tomato, and many more.

Simply enter your passphrase and use provided keys. WEP Key Generator include the most common algorithms used in a majority of wireless setup wizards. Tap on any key to copy it to the clipboard for use in the Settings app for connecting your iOS device to a WEP network. You can also use this to connect Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X clients to a WEP network.

Many wireless router manufacturers have setup utilies that generate WEP keys from a simple passphrase. But what if you need to connect to the network from a portable device or gaming console. This application is for you. Simply type the same passphrase that you used to setup the network and enter the resulting key into the wireless client to join the network.

The WEP keys shown on top (Prism II) are more popular but if those do not work, try the other keys (Hermes). Keep in mind that some device require you to prefix the WEP key with a 0x or a $ symbol.

Note: While we have taken care to implement the most common WEP key generation algorithms, we cannot tell you whether it will work on your particular device. This is not a hacking tool. You cannot hack into networks as you must supply the underlying passphrase.

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